It may seem a little cliche but I've definitely been inspired by beautiful sunsets and delicious meals, and also by individuals and groups. Being inspired like this leads to trying new things and working to get better at others.

When this sort of inspiration happens it's often a welcomed coincidence, but sometimes I'm more intentional. The most common way I'm inspired is over drinks at a bar one-on-one talking about nothing in particular. I'm a sucker for good drinks and meandering conversation that turns into story-time (and maybe a little advice). I really enjoying hearing about peoples experiences, sometimes to internalize what not to do, but more often as consideration for my own future choices. I use intentional inspiration as fuel for creativity and sometimes productivity.

Please, share with me how you are inspired wither you seek it out intentionally or just come across it as you live your life. If you are intentional about it... share your secretes. :D

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